book proposals

For all non-fiction, including memoir, the book proposal is the gatekeeper to the agenting, and therefore, the publishing world. With eight major sections requiring market research and industry know-how, it can be an overwhelming project for even the most seasoned writer.

editing and commenting

From basic syntax proofing to in-depth line-edits, we curate, probe, and extract the most meaningful ways to combine the best words in the best order.

consultation prior to submission

Review of manuscripts prior to self-publication or submission to agents, journal or magazine editors, we review and consult with you on the more global concerns of your story elements: plot, character, place, narrative arc, and tone.


Our thorough review addresses plot, pacing, character, dialogue, sense of place, narrative arc, and tone prior to self-publication, submission to agents, or queries to  journal/magazine editors. From there, you can DIY the changes, or we can make the revisions for you. Finally, we can give you strategies for pitching your work to agents and editors.

cover-to-cover production

A few, well-chosen words buffed to a gloss for blurbs, bios, and back covers. The precise juxtaposition of images-to-text to create punchy presentations that foster and encourage intramural conversation. Want to design an e-book or a cover for your self-published memoir? Need something sketched or captioned? If we can’t do it, our cooperative of talented partners are here to help.